CHINA Is A Home Of Xbox Lovers

Xbox one officially launched in China. Xbox one becomes the first to enter in China in the past ten years. It is available in more than 3000 retail stores. Xbox is now available in more than 35 cities throughout whole China. People welcomed Xbox in a great fashion and actually they lined up for several hours to get the best gaming experience in the country.

Xbox is now creating a great business in China’s market and they got so much response that they don’t even expect this anticipation from the people of China. People were so much excited for Xbox that due to poor weather and unorganized launch party still, they got the best reception for this video gaming console. Xbox launched in all major cities of China and they received almost same response throughout the big country.


Microsoft has not mentioned the exact quantity of sold Xbox and experts think this is a very big success for them. Experts even predict that they will establish a big gaming industry in upcoming few years. This was very encouraging signs for Microsoft to invest in gaming industry throughout China and Asia. Gamers who took their respective Xbox one on the launch day received customized controllers as gifts.


Xbox is bringing tons of entertainment content for Chinese people. Xbox is also giving the best blockbuster gigantic games at a relatively low cost which itself is not less than a blessing for game lovers. Game lovers in China are so much delighted by this step of the Chinese government because they allow Microsoft to enter Xbox into the Chinese market through Shanghai free trade zone.

Beside all these gaming contents Xbox also splashes its entertainment saga for Chinese people. In China, you will get all the entertainment stuff like blockbuster and hit movies on Xbox One. You will also get the facilities of Xbox online; through Xbox online you have a chance to connect people across the globe and play your favorite games with each other. Xbox One also gives you the edge that you can watch sports channel for free in the first year. That’s fantastic news for sports lovers’ boom. Apart from all these entertainment facilities and enjoyment you also enrich with exclusive android and Microsoft apps.

So Microsoft has blasted the whole Chinese market and the secret weapon they used was the Xbox One. Game lovers can’t resist themselves for too long without playing their best games in the Xbox it’s your time to grab your opportunity and take the Xbox one and enjoy it as long as you can at a very affordable cost. Xbox console also gives you two-year warranty so that you play Xbox without any fear.

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